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Our Guesthouse

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Outdoor enthusiasts and business people on the go

Located in quiet, hilly Pajottenland at the gate of vibrant Brussels

Discover our 100 outdoor experiences, a challenging offer for hikers, runners, bikers, and culture lovers

@ hike node 112, Pajottenland 

Quiet surrounding with relax facilities

Business desk in each accommodation

Trionfo outdoor

Experience in our Trionfo garden the "Land of Gaasbeek" 

Just next to quiet side of Parc of Gaasbeek castle at the border of the forest 

Surrounded by a cattle meadow of one hectare

Mixed fruit orchard including dozens of Schaarbeekse Kriek (sour cherry) used to blend with local beer Gueuze 

Panoramic view points, bird watching spots, and several rest places during your stroll in the garden

Crock-pot and pizza furnace available upon request 

Outdoor game equipment including petanque, badminton, rope skipping, kubb

Each accomodation has private terrace to breathe the Trionfo garden

Breakfast and bar

Buffet-style breakfast  with focus on home-made and local products

Honesty bar (self-service) with local drinks including fameus Old Gueuze and Kriek beer from neigbouring breweries,  and sparkling wine from Gaasbeek vineyards 

Energy snacks for outdoor enthusiasts

Lunch box available upon request

Social room and relax area

Bright social room to have a chat, read a book, taste a local drink, or play some table games 

Fresh water, coffee and tea available all day

Kitchen available including fridge, cooking plate, microwave, and oven

Change zone from shoes to cosy socks to optimize indoor comfort 

Relax area at basement to play table tennis or darts, sit on bar stools and discuss about important things in life

Sanitary unit near social room

Bikes and parking

Bike quality label from Flanders Tourism

Indoor bike storage including repair shop, sloped path towards bike storage

Outdoor bike cleaning facilities

Private car parking lot including e-charging facility that is available upon request


Entrance badge  for entry to building and room

Outside lockers to exchange entry badge

Home automation minimizes manual touchpoints

Brave bar with QR code for item selection and online payment

QR code in rooms to read practical information

Minimal distraction from owners but available though

Event room

Trionfo offers all facilities for a meeting, seminar, or workshop.  The event room capacity is capped at eight persons.  Additional services come following request. Trionfo garden and relax area in basement can be used for breakout sessions.  Please use contact form for more information or offer.


Trionfo exists thanks to the surrounding nature and heritage, we cherish this

Constructed with sustainable high quality materials, state-of-art insulation and triple glass

Solar panels are combined with heat pump and home automation  to reduce energy footprint

Intelligent air ventilation system assures room air quality
20000 l rain water capacity  that is used for bike cleaning and toilet rinsing

Minimalistic inner with attention to local high quality furniture

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